8 thoughts on “How to add a Nadir logo to a Photosphere

  1. I have a couple of questions…I just want to do a logo on nadir
    1. Do you set all images at 90 pitch or just image 0?
    2. Do you optimize before creating the pano?
    3. Once you’ve added the logo in Photoshop and saved the .tiff how do you get a final correctly “pitched” pano with logo?



    • Hello Kelly,

      Sorry it took me so long to reply I never got an alert of your comment…

      1) I stitch the panorama using all the source images then I create a new project using just the finished panorama so there is only one image to rotate

      2) I usually don’t run optimize unless I have a problem I am trying to fix

      3) Start a new project in your pano software, load the tiff you created in PS as a single image, set the pitch to -90 and stitch it again. This will rotate it back to the normal orientation


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