A Virtual Tour of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I recently got to spend a single night in Singapore on my way from East Timor to Thailand and I could not think of anything better to do than go out and take pictures.  I discovered that my hotel was a short 20 minute walk away from Marina Bay Sands and decided to head over there.  I spent all night taking hundreds of long exposure pictures which I combined (with the help of PTGui) to create photo spheres.

The tour is mostly Marina Bay S

Each of the images below will link to a photo sphere on 360Cities.net and each sphere is a complete 360×180 degree representation of the area so you can spin it around, look up, and look down just like you were standing where my tripod was setup.

To navigate the sphere use your arrow keys (left, right, up, and down) to spin it and to pan up or down and use the shift key to zoom in and the control (ctrl) key to zoom out.

Hope you enjoy my virtual tour.

Westin Singapore Pool Deck Marina Bay Sands 1 Marina Bay Sands 9 Marina Bay Sands 8 Marina Bay Sands 7 Marina Bay Sands 6 Marina Bay Sands 5 Marina Bay Sands 4 Marina Bay Sands 3 Marina Bay Sands 2

Sunflower Guarden


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