NGO, Development, Nonprofit, & Education

If you run or work for an NGO, Development Organization, a Nonprofit, or Educational Institute and would like to use any of my images in a publication please contact me.

I will generally offer this service free of charge as long as the images will not be used to generate a profit (subject to verification).

Please not the following conditions:
1) I (Erik Bjers) will maintain the copyrights to the image
2) I reserve the right to withdraw my permission for use of any image at any time for any reason
3) No transfer of rights to any third-party will be allowed under any circumstances
4) Images may only be used in the originally approved publication. If you wish to use an image in a different publication please contact me
5) You must include a photo credit that includes (at a minimum) My name and web URL. Name must be published under every image used but web URL only needs to appear once in the publication

If you would like to use any of my images or have any questions please contact me.


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