USAID wants to publish me

A couple of days a go my friend Stephanie from Haiti (that is where I met her but she lives in the US now) contacted me and told me that USAID was preparing to publish a coffee table photo book highlighting the Haitian cloture and the work that USAID did on cleaning up after the earthquake of 2010 and the work USAID did to help the devastated Haitian government get backup and running through the Haiti Recovery Imitative (HRI) project.  My friend told me that the USAID rep had seen my site and my Haiti blog posts ( and they were interested in using some of my photos.  Needless to say I was very excited to find out that they were interested in my work and giving me my first opportunity to be published.  I went home that night and went through my 900+ photos from Haiti and whittled it down to around 150 photos for USAID to select from of which they selected 14 to consider.  You can see low res versions of the 150 at

I was lucky to have spent a few months in Port Au Prince working with Development Alternatives (DAI), a USAID implementing partner working on the HRI project, and now I am getting lucky again with this opportunity to be published.

Once USAID makes their final decision on which of my photos to use I will update my site with the selected photos and a little info about the project, along with stories of my experiences.

For now I will leave you with a small sample of the ones they selected.


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