Graffiti Park in Bangkok, then and now

I stumbled across this abandoned lot covered in graffiti in Bangkok many years ago.  The lot is easy to access and is just s couple minute walk from the Ratchathewi BTS station.

I first shot a 360 here a couple of years ago when the lot was overgrown with weeds and full of trash, but the graffiti was interesting so it made a good phtosphere.

You can see the my original shot of this “park” here, just click on the image below.


I had been thinking of revisiting this site for a while now but last time I was here I noticed that a portion of the graffiti had been painted over with black paint and eventually an advertisement for something so I decided to skip it.  I’m in Bangkok again and I happened to glance out the BTS window as the train passed the lot and I noticed that the graffiti was back and the lot had been greatly changed so I decided to stop by and shoot it again.

See the new photo shoot here (just click on the picture below)


You will notice that only a little of the previous graffiti is still in place but the major change is in the cleanup and landscaping turning this into a nice park where locals can come play and relax.

Here is a collection of closeups on some of the graffiti.

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