Pilanesburg Photo Spheres

Unfortunately the game reserve has strict rules about getting out of your car (I am guessing this is so you don’t get eaten by a lion, but it also makes shooting photo-spheres a little difficult). Despite this rule I managed to shoot a couple of spheres in the Fish Eagle picnic site (one of the places you are allowed out of your car). Both spheres are from later in the day so I have some nice long shadows as well as both sun and moon in the spheres.

Please enjoy (click the pictures to go to the spheres)

_ECB_1706_1707_1708_easyHDR_batch Panorama

_ECB_1799_1800_1801_easyHDR_batch Panorama

Looks like this is going to be my last post from Pilanesburg, but I guess we can never know what the future will hold so perhaps I will be back again someday.


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