Elmina Castle, Ghana

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Elmina Castle¬†started it’s life as the oldest European building in Sub-Sahara Africa when it was built by the Portuguese in 1482 and was originally called¬†S√£o Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine). ¬†Elmina was established as a trading settlement, in what was then called the Gold Coast of Africa, and continued to server as a major trading¬†center for both the ivory and gold trade in Africa, later the castle became a major port for the slave trade in Africa. ¬†Through out its history the fort has been controlled by the Portuguese, Dutch, and eventually the British who granted the Gold Coast independence in 1957 when the current nation of Ghana was formed.

You can read more about the castle and its history on Wikipedia but for now please enjoy the pictures.

Court Yard On the wall Elmina Front Entrence The Chanel Fishing Boats Fishing Nets


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