Roatan Honduras Day 1

As you all may remember from my last post from Papua New Guinea my underwater camera got a little wet and is no longer working so I had to get a new one. Based on pictures I had seen from the Canon PowerShot G1X I decided to go with this camera but as there was a new version (the MK II) due at the end of April I decided to wait and get the MK II. Only problem with waiting is I had (I am there now) a dive trip planned for the weak after Easter going to Roatan Island in Honduras and really wanted to take a camera, well the scuba gods have been good to me and the MK II shipped almost 3 weeks early allowing me to take it with me. I am still learning how to work the camera but here are the results of my first day of diving in Roatan with Roatan Divers (check them out if you want to dive from Roatan).

A Queen Triggerfish eating a dead Lionfish

This is rather unusual behavior for a Triggerfish as they normally eat coral and not other fish.  I am guessing that this was just a meal of opportunity and don’t think it actually killed the lion fish.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Crustaceans (dinner???)

And some other pictures

I have two more days of diving here so keep an eye out for one or two more posts from Roatan.


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