Beqa Shark Dive with Aqua Trek

Aqua Trek does their shark dive Monday – Saturday and it seems to a popular attraction drawing many curious divers.  They are one of two dive shops providing a shark dive in Beqa Lagoon and while I can not say much about the other company (as I did not use them) Aqua Trek seems to do a good job of not only providing this “thrill” to the tourists but also in educating divers about sharks and helping with their conservation.

Two of the main conservation focuses of the shark dive are to raise diver awareness on how for the most part sharks are not as dangerous as we think they are and to try to keep a count of how many of each species there is in the area.  The dive shops also use recycled fish heads from the processing plants on the island providing a semi-sustainable food source and reducing pollution by putting the otherwise discarded fish heads to a good use.

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