Octopus in Motion

On my way from Port Moresby Papua New Guinea to Suva Fiji I decided to treat myself to a new GoPro Hero3 at the airport duty-free in Brisbane Australia.  This is something I had been thinking about for a while now and after seeing a few people use the GoPro on the dive trips in Port Moresby I made up my mind, I was going to get one.

I picked up the GoPro and a handle bar mount and rigged up a mount on to one of the arms on my Ikelite camera rig allowing me to easily take it diving with me and hopefully take video of the entire dive.  I soon found out (I kind of expected this) that one 32GB micro SD card and one battery only last one full dive (around 50 – 60 minutes) and I have to change both after each dive.  Right now I have two memory cards and two batteries so I can do two dives until I get around to getting some more.

GoPro housing mounted on my Ikelite housing

GoPro housing mounted on my Ikelite housing

Since I don’t have my video editing software with me you guys are going to have to wait a couple of weeks before I get any video from my Fiji dives (including my shark dive with Aqua Trek) but thanks to a little mistake on my part today I can share a few photos with you.

On my dive today with my friend Nick and with Aqua Trek in Beqa Lagoon I seem to have accidentally changed my GoPro from video mode to time-lapse video mode resulting in around 1500 still images.  At first I was a little disappointing as when I went to do play back on the camera I could not see this time-lapse video and thought I had missed the video of an octopus swimming from hole to hole as he tried to avoid some fish that were annoying him (and probably trying to get away from me as well).  However my mistake is your gain as I now have a series of photos to upload showing the octopus swimming.  Now enjoy the photos and look forward to more posts from my diving in Papua New Guinea and Fiji and some videos taken with my new toy.

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