Haiti – Graffiti

This post features the graffiti of Jerry Moise Rosembert which could be found all over Port Au Prince, Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010 (it may still be there now but I have not been there for a while so can not say).  Jerry’s graffiti often features some sort of social or political message and he is known for using things from the environment to enhance his image such as using a tree growing over a wall as someone’s hair or, painting a mouth around a pile of trash to show that all that is being said is garbage (don’t have a picture of that one), or painting a man with an ax chopping down a real tree.

While I was there Jerry was doing some work in the refugee camps creating graffiti to help promote ideas like hygiene in the camps.

I remember riding around Port Au Prince with my friend Stephanie (she introduced me to Jerry’s art) searching out the latest graffiti piece to take pictures.

There are some great articles out there about Jerry but this is one of the earlier ones I found.  http://www.caritas.org/activities/emergencies/GraffitiforchangeinHaiti.html


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